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Lluna Soul is a painter and ritual tattoo artist based in Barcelona 

Born in Barcelona she grew up in a magical city surrounded by sea and mountains, where there was always a glance of sun.
As a girl, she was interested in creating the path of her life as an artist. Things didn’t go as planned and she studied Audiovisuals and Multimedia at the university of Girona; that opportunity gave her a multifaceted background. Meanwhile, she kept developing her art skills at the academy of arts “Fem Art” in Barcelona, as well as several art seminars on her free time until now and further.

The tattooing steps that she started building took a very intimate direction, her work was developed in a very calm environment, where the client and her were the only ones sharing the space during the exchange. In those hours, they shared conversations, cups of tea, music, intentions and taste in art. This path brought her to realise the importance of that sacred moment, when a person is consciously going through a practice that includes pain, time and process, which in turn leaves a visual mark on their skin for life.

From there, she started to dig deeper into the ancient tattooing rituals, which was a path that has been unfolding in front of her for years. Studies and readings of mindfulness, yoga, meditation, ritualistic events, rites of passage etc.. wrote the direction she is taking through her art and work. It was then, when she realised that we are all interconnected, and that the designs and art that she was creating were part of something larger. They belong to a unifying force that is able to be seen when we are in a calm state of mind.

When she moved to Australia, she found a big and vast community of artists that encouraged and supported her to dive into painting and selling her own art pieces. There she collaborated with artists and painted at several art exhibitions at music events. At the moment she is working on a project called “1000 paintings to my wedding day” where you can find more information on it here. You can support the project at the shop as well.

Until now, she could find suitable studios in the cities where she lived in the last years (Melbourne, Berlin, Barcelona) where she could develop the ceremonies in a intentional sacred space. Eventually, her purpose is to move to the countryside, to create a space that shares the values of caring for the land that holds us, promote mental and body health, as well as sharing ethical and natural values to children and building community.

In this space, she will be able to offer the tattoo ceremonies that she believes are the most effective. Having an immersed time where the client will dive into their lifetime needs through holistic journeys, where clients will experience the peace and connection to what they truly want and find the keys to realign them towards their purpose.

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