Ritual Tattoo Consultation

If you already have an idea for your tattoo, you can head drectly to the booking form.
But I provide Ritual tattoo consultations for discovering your inner visions to turn it into a piece of art.

Thank you for stopping by and for your interest in getting deeper in the mindful act of tattooing

The ritual of tattooing is carrying much information, not just for your physical body, but for your journey in this life. The purpose of this ceremony is, setting intentions and seeing if we visualize or feel which is going to be a mark in our skin, that we consciously decide to have, in order to have an outcome in our current life.

If you don’t have in mind a clear intention, don’t worry, you can flow and write a direction for your being to find an intention. It can happen that the intention come even after you got your tattoo done. You would be surprised of how powerful is to mark your skin with a purpose or direction, therefore intention.

For this, we are going to dive into your subconscious mind in a trance state of meditation to guide you deep into your soul. Connecting through your heart and guided by your subconscious you are able to find your own personal symbols, colors, patterns, shapes, animals, all what is linked to your soul to open a pathway that fulfills your purpose.

We will be working with the cacao spirit and connecting to the earths energy to give you a warm-hearted setup and ground you into the space before we immerse into the higher realms of your soul. The designs that you will find on this journey will be an everlasting guide in your life to live your truest self and support you with its sacred energy.

Details for 1/1 Consultation

Thank you for having chosen this option for yourself. The way Lluna work is already connecting both participants (artist and receiver) in a deep soul connection, where the intention and design that you wish is transmitted through subtle levels. Nevertheless, it is true that the connection that is being created on a 1/1 extends the levels of physics and reality, because the energy is condensed in one space together, from the very beginning of the process. Allowing a direct and instant exchange and an absolute guidance.

The price for a 1/1 consultation varies from 90€-120€ and it lasts for around 2 hours.

During the session we start by opening the space, calling the energies that want to share the experience with us and blessing the altar. We have a Cacao ceremony together, to connect our hearts and blend into the space. The further details I will leave them open to the magic of the ceremony, otherwise too much would be revealed.

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