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Welcome to our little space of giving back

Here I explain exactly what you are involved in, when you are working with us.

In my opinion, artists are those who play by the rules of ethics and promote values that support the earth we live in, the intrinsic nature we belong to, fauna, flora and our fellow human companions.

Be the change you want to see in the world

I am sure you have read this one before. I would say pretty much everyone is trying their best to be aware of the implication that we humans have in the change of our planet earth. In our humble opinion, it should be a must to give back, in any way we can, showing gratitude for what we have around us.

In order to balance out the print we leave as consumers, we have decided to implement an energy exchange for the ceremonies we make, giving back to our mother, our fellow animals and sibling humans. Therefore, when you are getting a tattoo with LlunaSoul or purchasing an original, there is a percentage that goes to one of the following organisations.

Huellas callejeras CS

Casa Kua

Green forest fund

Due to the huge amount of people working on to maintain the balance in the world, we have decided that we will be changing the organisations that we work with every some time.

If you want to donate directly, you can do it through their personal links or through my PayPal, ( specifying the organisation that you wish to collaborate with.

If you are working for/with an NGO and you would like to share with us your experience,
please write me at:

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