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My favourite tattoos are the geometrical patterns that flow with the body. But because I am coming from an Illustration background, I also love doing illustration designs and watercolour touches. The best for me is to combine both illustration with geometrical patterns.

As I’m travelling a lot, I open the bookings for each place whenever I know the dates I will be there, so please be aware of my instagram stories. My instagram is

When I work with a design, I connect with all the information that the person has sent me and I transmit the energy that I’ve been asked to set in the tattoo. If there is need to clarify something, I would contact you and ask you for a video call. But normally you see the design on the day of the tattoo. I know this require trust, but believe me, if the communication has been clear from the beginning, we always find the way together.

Unless I think it is necessary, you won’t see the design until we meet. The practice of tattooing, needs a trust between the two sides. We have a previous exchange where you tell me what you like about what I do and then I create a design connecting with your essence. At every session I give some time before, with a small ceremony that connect us again, where we set intentions and talk about the design. Then if it is necessary, we do the changes in the design that you might like, on the spot. It normally doesn’t happen, but if the design is too complicated to modify on the spot, we will have to find another time to do the tattoo.

Yes, a touch up costs 50€ if booked within 6 months of your original tattoo date. If I see that the touch up is necessary because it wasn’t healed properly, the rate will vary depending on the size. I charge more for the touch ups of hands, sides of the hands and feet.

At the moment there is no extra charge for the extra time that we spend before and after the tattoo. My feeling tells me there’s no other way that I want to do the tattoo exchange without having the ceremonial space. It is all included in the final price.

They vary depending on the case, please write me an email and we could start with the exchange. For big tattoos I charge an amount for the design extra. And always before designing I ask for 50€ that will be discounted from the final price.

Yes I do! Write me an email with the topic and the size you wish to have and I will send you the price list. I will then send you a sketch of the idea of the painting and then you have the final word.

The skin needs 3 weeks to completely heal


First week 3 times a day:
▶ Wash with water (not too warm not too cold) and neutral soap (gently).
▶ Dry with kitchen towel (paper) taping
▶ Wait from 5 to 20 min till the tattoo feels dry
▶ Then apply a thin layer of cream (not bephanten)

Next days no plastic and don’t put clothes that are pressing it, but you can cover it.
Better is material that breaths, or cotton.
Keep it clean

If itchy: don’t scratch it. You can wash it as much as you want.
Don’t put cream more than 4 times a day.
Don’t touch the tattoo for no reason.
Don’t put cream without washing it (super important first week) 

2nd and 3rd week same, but just twice a day
When it starts pealing, don’t remove the peal, that would help you lose the colour, and we don’t want that.

▶ Strictly no sun the first three weeks
▶ No swimming and no sauna.
▶ First two days don’t sweat so much (don’t do super intense sport) if so, wash it after sweating so much.

That’s all, hope it is helpful and you take super care of the tattoo!

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